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I can help you from building your website, to driving customers to your door.


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I truly enjoy what I do and I take great pride in providing my clients with a great experience.


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Hello! It's Very
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I am Joshua and I have been a Website Designer for over 10 years!


About Me


Hello!  I'm Joshua
Website Designer


I have been designing and developing amazing websites for 10 awesome years!
I truly enjoy working closely with all of my clients to start or grow thier business.


Creative Thinking
Smart and Innovative Websites


I don't have standard packages and charge by the page.  I use my vast experience in development to build solutions that make your business run more efficiently.


Engaging Audiences
Attention Grabbing Designs


It's one thing to have a website and another to have one that gets visitors attention.  Recent articles suggest the attention span of online customers are lower than a goldfish!  Let me help captivate your customers!


Passionate About Quality
Every Project Deserves the Best


Whether you just need an email newsletter template or want to start your own social network, I treat every project as the "big fish" and give you the attention your website deserves!


Driving Traffic & Creating Sales
Getting Results from Your Website


What is a website without sales?  I can work with you on a daily basis, if you choose, to fine tune your website into the ultimate sales funnel.  Let's start getting you results online!


My Skills
Since 2004


As I mentioned above, I have been building websites for myself and over 200 others over the last 10 years.  I currently live in Fredericksburg, VA but I work with clients regardless of location.


If you know what this means I have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery PHP, Ajax, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and a few others...


Website Development (How it works)


Website Design (How it looks)






Recent Work Portfolio


View some of my recent creations. Every site created in detail to the clients specification.

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Ad Network for buying and selling ad space.  This website has smart ad technology built from the ground up.

                                                         Visit Website                                            

Karla Carwile


A Chicago Therapist, motivational speaker, educator and leader.  Her site is all about her and how to contact her for her services.

                                                         Visit Website                                            

Vehicle Glimpse


A network for car dealerships to sell their vehicles through VG's online and print marketing.


Video Work
See my Recent Video


I find the perfect video to compliment your website or marketing strategy and customize it for you.

The video to the right is one I customized for AdShareMarket.com, an Ad Network / Marketplace.


This is just Perfect! I absolutely love it!


Karla C. - Chicago, IL.


You did an amazing Job Josh! I love my new website


Luis M. - Jacksonville, FL


I am convinced that you can do ANYTHING online - this is awesome! 


Mike G. - Fleming Island, FL


About My
Website Designs


More details about my website designs and marketing processes.


1. Graphic Design
Making it Look Awesome


The first step is to make your new website or redesign look amazing!  I work with my clients until we get it right.


2. Crazy Coding
Making it Work Great


If you want an ecommerce store, wordpress site or something custom, I can handle it!


3. Web Optimization
Making it Load Fast


Getting your website in front of your customer quickly is key, we don't want them running away because it took too long to load a page!


4. Branding
Making it Yours


Every website I build is custom tailored in every single detail to each client.


5. Every Device
Making it View Right


I ensure your website can be viewed correctly on every device, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones.


6. Taking Flight
Making it Launch


Most web designers leave you hanging once the project is complete.  I like to stick around and help you get people to your new website! (optional of course)


Awesome Deal! Get a website today from me Starting at Just $99!  Hurry, limited time offer!







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